A Gift Guide for the Pop Culture Obsessive in Your Life

What to give the cinephile, the bibliophile, and the Y2K enthusiast (we all know a few!) this holiday season.

By now, you’ve probably seen a whole host of gift guide ideas for your mother, your father, your sister, or your significant other—but what about a present (for a person of any designation, mind you,) who loves pop culture? We all know a few, and they deserve some recognition and love this holiday season, too. Here are 13 thoughtful gifts to give the folks who won’t shut up about the latest books, movies, and music—and tend to deliver a constant stream of Oprah references.

For the Cinephile:

When it comes to the works of Jean-Luc Godard, Wong Kar-wai, and Agnès Varda, Netflix and Hulu just won’t cut it.

For the Cinephile Who Wants Their Guests to Know They’re a Cinephile

The perfect stocking stuffer for the card-carrying member of the cinephile community, who also needs new soap in their guest bathroom.

For the Kirsten Dunst and/or Sofia Coppola Stan

Anyone who’s ever had a Virgin Suicides phase will want this Marc Jacobs Heaven shirt.

For the Millennial Who Wishes They Were Gen Z

Olivia Rodrigo’s generation-defining album is the perfect gift regardless of whichever generation the recipient may fall within.

For Your Friend Who Never Hopped on the AirPods Bandwagon in the First Place

We can’t all be Lily-Rose Depp and Bella Hadid, but we can try.

For the Bibliophile

Zeba Blay’s dedication to archiving the cultural importance of Black pop culture icons from Josephine Baker to Cardi B makes a wonderful gift.

For the OG Hot Girl in Your Life

This one is for the friend who still can’t get enough of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Crybaby” video.

For the Kardashian Industrial Complex-obsessed

No matter your thoughts on the Kardashian empire, it’s almost universally agreed upon that Skims may be the best product Kim Kardashian has produced in the last decade. The recipient of this cozy knit tank will thank you.

For Those Still Mourning the Loss of a Ross and Rachel Relationship

Just because we’re not fully in lockdown anymore doesn’t mean the puzzle obsession has to come to an end.

For “Los Ángeles”

Whether the recipient is an Angeleno or just a member of Rosalía’s fandom, this shimmering gold nail polish is the perfect stocking stuffer idea.

For Those Who Wouldn’t Miss an Oprah Interview, Instagram Post, or New Super Soul Episode for the World

If the words “Harvest Day” don’t ring a bell for you, don’t fret—your friend who is obsessed with Oprah will know exactly what it means, and they will thank you for this candle.

For the Spencer Fans

If you’re looking to recreate Princess Diana’s post-gym looks, look no further.

For the Friend Who Binged All of The Sopranos During Quarantine

We all have that friend who binged all six seasons and is already planning their rewatch.