Rico Nasty and Flo Milli Want Some Money in Wizard of Oz-Themed Music Video

Rico Nasty and Flo Milli in "Money"
YouTube/Rico Nasty

The first chords of Rico Nasty’s new song featuring Flo Milli are instantly recognizable and will have you singing along 10 seconds in. “Money,” Nasty’s third single since her debut album Nightmare Vacation released last year, samples 2 Live Crew’s iconic 1986 track, “We Want Some Pussy,” but this time, the ladies want money.

That’s the theme of the entire music video as Nasty and Milli push men aside who don’t live up to their spending standards. In various shots, both rappers drip in crystals, lounge around in gold, and dance in green. At one point, Nasty and Milli look like two of Oz’s top rappers, singing as they travel down the yellow brick road a la Wizard of Oz. In the end of the video, Nasty and Milli even find a Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow for themself as they all run away together, the Emerald City off in the distance.

“Money” marks Nasty and Milli’s first collab together. It also comes about a week after Nasty was forced to call out fans for being disrespectful during her opening act for Playboi Carti’s King Vamp tour. In a video from the incident, Nasty can be seen threatening that she will “sit in mother fucking silence” if the crowd didn’t stop booing.