The Royal Family Won't Condemn the Op-Ed About Abusing Meghan Markle

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Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson accomplished the nearly impossible task of reminding people he exists by publishing something so vile about Meghan Markle that it stood out even in the British press — an industry that makes most of its money off denigrating the Duchess of Sussex.

In his op-ed, Clarkson fantasized graphically about making Markle walk the streets nude while people throw “excrement” at her. He said he hates her on a “cellular level” and spends nights grinding his teeth over the very thought of her. Decent people have called out Clarkson for his absolutely unhinged thoughts that should never have made it to print, but the royal family won’t be joining them.

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Though more than 60 cross-party MPs have written to The Sun’s editor to demand an apology, there has been no public statement on behalf of King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort. However, they are deeply annoyed by the reporting on Camilla’s association with Clarkson. The pair attended a star-studded event at Michelin restaurant Murano in Mayfair, hosted by the former head of royal grocer Fortnum & Mason, Ewan Venters. They did not go together, but they were both in attendance last Friday.

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Yahoo News UK reports that the “palace is understood to feel that any attempt to link Camilla and Clarkson's comments because they attended the same lunch together are highly misleading.”

The incident has also cast some aspersions on Camilla’s campaign work to prevent violence against women, as some find it ironic that she doesn’t consider threat of excrement assault against her step-daughter-in-law worthy of comment. Teeth-grinding is surely shaking the grounds of Buckingham Palace.