Salma Hayek Literally Got Stuck to Fran Drescher at the SAG Awards

Salma Hayek and Fran Drescher at the 2022 SAG Awards
Photos by Kevin Mazur and Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The phrase “wardrobe malfunction” typically denotes an instance in which someone is accidentally exposed. But this past weekend’s SAG Awards, Salma Hayek and Fran Drescher experienced a different type of the phenomenon. A chance encounter in the bathroom led to Hayek’s lace Gucci glove somehow getting snagged on the embroidery of Drescher’s off-the-shoulder Reem Acra, leaving the pair intertwined.

“Oh my god, we’re stuck—you’re coming out onto the stage with me,” Hayek said in a video she Instagrammed of the mishap. She was on her way to present an award to Michael Keaton at the time, which had an assistant doing her best to untangle her from the SAG-AFTRA president and star of The Nanny at top speed. Meanwhile, Drescher used the opportunity to launch into a pitch. “You know, I think I wrote you a letter—we must have sent it to your reps,” she said, cutting Hayek off.

“I want to pull you into my [environmental initiative the] Green Council. I said to you how magnificent you were in [House of] Gucci, and how fearless you were. And ironically, how much I love that we always randomly run into each other. Including, randomly, Boulevard Saint Germain [in Paris].” Hayek, who recalled the incident with enthusiasm, assured Drescher that she never received the letter.

Fortunately, Hayek and Drescher are pals; they go back to at least 1997, when they memorably posed together at Elton John’s post-Academy Awards party. Presumably, Hayek’s presentation of an award (for Best Original Song) at that ceremony went much more smoothly.

Fran Drescher and Salma Hayek at the post-Academy Awards Elton John AIDS Foundation party in 1997.

Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage via Getty Images