Sandra Oh is a Mother With a Secret in the Trailer for New Horror Film, Umma

Sandra Oh in Umma
YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

The trailer for Sandra Oh’s upcoming horror thriller with Sony Pictures has arrived and it’s here to remind you “a mother’s love never dies.” Umma, which takes its title from the Korean word for mother, tells the story of Amanda, a protective mom who lives on a remote farm with her daughter. When the remains of Amanda’s mother arrive to the farm from Korea, Amanda quickly becomes “haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother.”

The extent of this haunting becomes clear in the trailer as Amanda’s peaceful life with her daughter is quickly turned upside down, as the two are tormented by what seems to be the spirit of her mother, as well as a nine-tailed fox spirit from Korean folklore known as the Kumiho.

Umma dives into the relationship between mothers and daughters, as well as the experiences in a Korean-American family. The film is the directorial debut of Iris K. Shim, who also wrote the story. “There's obviously a lot of movies about mothers and motherhood, [but] for me, I just never got the experience of watching a movie that explored that theme in the way that I have always experienced it and viewed it,” Shim told CinemaBlend. “That specificity of seeing a character on screen, saying the same words that I use when I talk to my mom, That's the part that I really wanted to try to keep.”

Umma is produced by Spider-Man and The Evil Dead’s Sam Raimi under his company Raimi Productions. The movie will hit theaters on March 18.