Saweetie's Catwoman Costume Has Halle Berry's Seal of Approval

Halle Berry as Catwoman
Warner Bros. Pictures

The discussion of who portrayed Catwoman the best has been a hot one as of late as we wait for Zoë Kravitz to take on the character in the upcoming The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson. Kravitz will be the latest in a line of actresses to try their hand at the masked burglar, but Saweetie is here to remind everyone that Halle Berry, who portrayed the character in 2004’s Catwoman deserves some respect. So, the rapper used her Halloween costume as an opportunity to honor the actress.

On Friday, Saweetie posted a video strutting on a rooftop in a reimagined version of Berry’s iconic look, featuring a leather bra, crisscrossing straps, scratched-up pants and, of course, the cat headpiece. Saweetie is clearly feeling herself until Berry appears, questioning what Saweetie is doing. The two engage in a bit of a stare-down, which ends in Berry’s approval of Saweetie, who then leaps off the roof as only Catwoman can.

“Had to put on for the best Catwoman to ever do it,” Saweetie captioned her Instagram.

Berry recently spoke about her role as Catwoman, which was panned by critics and won her a Razzie for worst performance following its release almost two decades ago. Recently, ahead of The Batman, some have been revisiting Berry’s character through kinder eyes. “I'm sorry but Halle Berry ate her Catwoman role up, idk why ppl hate that movies, it's camp,” a fan recently tweeted. “I love it.” Berry responded to the tweet, writing, "I'm seeing all the Catwoman love, everybody. Where were you guys 17 years ago.” Well, we’re here now, Halle, and we aren’t going anywhere.