The First Pam & Tommy Trailer Brings More Depth to the Hotly-Anticipated Series

Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

If you expected to see an unrecognizable Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson upon pressing play on the first Pam & Tommy trailer, give it a minute. First, before introducing us to the titular characters, we meet Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier and Nick Offerman as porn producer Uncle Miltie, a reminder that this series is about more than Stan and James’ transformation to become the Mötley Crüe drummer and Baywatch star, but it’s about the sex tape that caused one of the internet’s first scandalous viral moments.

The trailer begins with Rogen’s character showing Offerman’s the intimate tape of Pam and Tommy he stole while installing a security system for the drummer. “It’s like we’re seeing something we’re not supposed to be seeing,” Offerman says as they watch the infamous tape of the couple on their honeymoon. “Which is kind of what makes it so hot.”

Of course, the trailer does include shots of Stan and James, both during their quick love affair and marriage, and doing the very things that made them famous. In fact, it’s on the set of Baywatch where James’ Pam seems to see the tape for the first time.

While initial images from FX and Hulu’s eight-part series focused on the actors’ extreme likeness to the characters they’re portraying, it’s clear now that Pam & Tommy is about more than that. It’s about voyeurism, morality, and double standards, made clear when Tommy tells Pam, “It’s not a big deal to me. I’m on that tape same as you,” to which Pam rightly replies, “No, not like me you’re not.”

Pam & Tommy stars Stan, James, Rogen, and Offerman, along with Taylor Schilling and Andrew Dice Clay. The series premieres on Hulu on February 2nd.