Saoirse Ronan Is Out to Catch a Killer in the See How They Run Trailer

Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan as detectives in 'See How They Run'
Courtesy of IMDb

It feels like ages since we’ve gotten to enjoy seeing Saoirse Ronan on-screen. The four-time Academy Award nominee only briefly appeared in Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, one of the two movies she’s done since Greta Gerwig’s Little Women back in 2019. So even though it’s just a trailer, the first look at her next film, See How They Run, feels like a treat—especially if you’re a fan of star-packed whodunnits à la Murder on the Orient Express. Directed by Tom George, the upcoming mystery movie stars Ronan as Constable Stalker, a rookie detective who’s uncontrollably eager to crack a murder case with Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell), her comparatively seasoned partner-in-crime. Filming of a movie adaptation of a hit play is underway in London’s West End when the dead body of one of its stars, Leo Köpernick (Adrien Brody) turns up on stage. (Or is “staged” on stage, as the constable puts it with a chuckle.) And no one’s allowed to leave the theater until they find out who did it.

The constable immediately identifies the killer. Clearly, it’s the playwright Mervyn Cocker-Norris (David Oyelowo). Wait, no—surely the film producer John Woolf (Reece Shearsmith). Never mind—obviously it’s the film’s star, Dickie Attenborough (Harris Dickinson). Unfortunately for those trapped in the theater, the constable could be convinced that any one of them is the murderer in a heartbeat. But they soon have a bigger problem: Whoever caused Leo’s death isn’t finished with killing just yet.

Fortunately, See How They Run is one of three films that Ronan has coming down the pipeline. The 28-year-old actor just wrapped Foe, an upcoming Garth Davis movie starring her as a farmer married to Paul Mescal. Currently, she’s in the midst of taking a rare break from period dramas with The Outrun, a memoir adaptation that finds Ronan returning to the farm where she grew up after a stint in rehab. Alas, they’re all a long way off; See How They Run will be the first to release, and it doesn’t hit theaters until September 30. In the meantime, get a taste of the film in the trailer below.