Is Taylor Swift's ‘Bejeweled’ All About Speak Now?

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Taylor Swift release music like they’re Happy Meals. She gives her fans a main course in the form of the music, but there’s always little toys hidden inside in the form of cryptic hints and Easter Eggs. t’s actually very generous of her, because dissecting the meaning of every color choice and inanimate object in her music videos keeps the Swifty community together. Late on Monday night, she released her video for “Bejeweled” from her new album Midnights. It contained guest appearances from Laura Dern and the Haim sisters and a million references to every aspect of Swift’s music and career.

But the biggest eggs she dropped are some strongly hinting that she will soon be releasing her next “Taylor’s Version” of one of the six albums whose original masters were purchased and sole by Scooter Braun. Fans were left convinced that the next entry in the series will be her third studio album, Speak Now.

In the video, Swift plays a Cinderella on the floor cleaning barf who eventually breaks free to go to the Prince’s talent show, where the winner gets a key to their own castle. What era or universe we are in changes from moment to moment as she moves from a bourgeois Georgian era attic to an art deco elevator. However, as she gets on the elevator she presses the button for the third floor, then gets off at the fifth. Each button has a color, with three being purple, the color for her Speak Now album. Swift’s fifth album was 1989, indicating that’s coming after Speak Now.

Later, she is wearing both purple earrings and a necklace that mirrors the elevator button colors.

In the opening scene, Dern’s evil step-mother character literally tells Swift, “Speak not, tired tacky wench, clean!”

Taylor Swift

Later, as Swift performs for her chance to win a castle, there are three spotlights on display, and she appears in several outfits and set pieces that resemble the stage when she was on her Speak Now tour, including her haunted bell and balcony.

One scene hints at the Speak Now album art.

Finally, at the end of the video she wears her own initials in her hair, but also has a pin with the letters “SN.”

She’s basically screaming it at this point.

And as a bonus, Swift and producer Jack Antonoff stand together with a vault key, seeming to reference the vault tracks that have appeared on her re-recorded albums.

The Swift mythology grows more complicated every year, but her super fans are really keeping track for the more casual listener.