Twitter Is On a Hunt to Find Lana Del Rey in “Snow on the Beach”

A photo of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Jack Antonoff

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, is finally out, but you already knew that, because it’s virtually impossible to scroll through Twitter (or any corner of the Internet for that matter) at the moment without encountering the discourse around the album. It seems like all anyone can talk about right now is the “Anti-Hero” music video or the case of the missing Lana Del Rey in “Snow on the Beach.” Swift’s music is inherently modern in the way where it almost seems to be created for online conversation. And we’re not just talking about the Swifties tweeting their all-caps reactions to “Question...?,” we’re talking about those maybe aren’t Swift mega fans, but who recognize Midnights as another piece of brilliant meme fodder. So, whether you’re on your fifth listen of the album, or you’re a bit of a hater who needs to get a laugh in to make it through this Swiftian day, you’ll probably enjoy these Twitter reactions to the album, and they might even make you observe Midnights in a whole new (less serious) light.

“Anti-Hero” seems to be producing some of the most meme content. Yes, because of its brutally self-aware nature, but also...that sexy baby line.

Then there’s “Snow on the Beach,” a song that elated fans when Swift announced it would feature Lana Del Rey. Now, though, after listening to the four-minute track, we can’t help but feel like something’s missing....