Kaley Cuoco is Back to Snooping in The Flight Attendant Season Two Trailer

Flight Attendant season 2
Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

Things are looking up for Kaley Cuoco’s Cassie in the first thirty seconds of The Flight Attendant’s season two trailer. She is still serving the skies, she’s gotten sober, and has even moved to Los Angeles to live with her new boyfriend. In general, she’s “making better choices,” she tells her Alcoholics Anonymous group. Of course, those who followed along with Cassie’s antics in the Emmy-winning first season of the show knows that where she goes, chaos follows.

As the trailer unfolds, we learn that Cassie is moonlighting as a CIA asset, a job that’s turned her life into a “John le Carré spy novel” as her friend, Annie (Zosia Mamet), puts it, a prophecy that comes true when an assignment overseas leads Cassie to accidentally witness a murder. Suddenly, the flight attendant finds herself once again mixed up in another international crime saga.

It also becomes clear that not all of Cassie’s troubles are behind her, like the other-worldly dimension she found herself in throughout last season. Except this time, Cassie’s waiting for herself in her own subconscious, four versions of herself, in fact, including the old Cassie with a drink in hand and snarky remarks to spare.

Cuoco and Mamet are joined by other season one cast members like Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz, and Rosie Perez with newcomers including Cheryl Hines, Margaret Cho, and Sharon Stone. The eight-episode series premieres on HBO with two episodes on April 28th, followed by one episode a week. Check out the full trailer below: