Anya Taylor-Joy Encounters the Darkest Side of Foodie Culture in The Menu Trailer

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Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy in the 'The Menu' trailer
Photo by Eric Zachanowich, © 20th Century Studios

Would you make the trek all the way to a remote island for the sole purpose of eating a single meal at an exclusive high-end restaurant? In Mark Mylod’s upcoming film The Menu, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult would in a heartbeat. In fact, the trailer that dropped on Wednesday finds Hoult’s character, Tyler, crying in the middle of a course. “It’s just that I find it all very moving,” he tells his girlfriend Margot (Taylor-Joy). She isn’t as into it as he is, and unfortunately, a waiter overhears her casually admitting as much. She passes it on to the beyond passionate foodie behind the meal, Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes), who is tremendously offended. “You shouldn’t be here,” he tells Margot after pulling her aside.

From there, things get creepy. At a certain point, the dining party—whom Chef Slowik describes as “not the common man”—heads into the dark woods outside. Back in the kitchen, Margot catches sight of what appears to be a hanged body and asks the most natural of questions for this type of situation: “What the hell is going on?” It appears she isn’t the only one who upset the chef. Some guests start running, and it’s clear that the waiters aren’t about to let them get away easily.

Not many actors would be equipped to replace Emma Stone, who was originally set to play Margot. But Taylor-Joy, of course, seems to be up to the job. Ahead of the film’s November 18 premiere, watch the trailer below.

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