Red Carpet Canceled After Too Many Timothée Chamalet Fans Show Up

MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 12: Timothée Chalamet attends the photocall for "Bones And All" on November ...
Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Timothée Chalamet is a big box office draw, but things are getting dangerous. On Saturday, the Milan premiere of Bones and All was canceled over safety concerns as Chalamet’s fans swarmed the red carpet. The movie was set to open at Space Cinema Odeon but Variety reports that police shut down red carpet as crowds swelled. The atmosphere escalated after Chalamet waved to the ocean of people from a balcony at the Odeon, where he was standing with co-star Taylor Russell and the film’s director, Luca Guadagnino.

A clip shared by the publication shows people crowding around the barriers with even more people behind them as far as the eye can see.

The event did continue in a limited capacity with a screening as planned, but wihtout any red carpet appearances and some press members ended up being shut out. Apparently, the issue was one of preparation.

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The actor has been a big name for a while now, particularly since his role in Call be By Your Name, but his star has risen even higher after being cast in Dune as protagonist Paul Atreides.

While interviewing Russell for Homme Girls, Chalamet discussed how he has changed since the beginning of the Denis Villeneuve project, and how he is now approaching the character as the sequel films.

“It's actually something you don't get to do with movies,” Chalamet said. “Revisit. Actually though, I'm feeling that with Dune. Speaking about how cycles match life. I was younger when I did it the first time and was kind of blindsided by how big that movie was. And now, as Paul Atreides becomes more sure on his heels, I feel more sure on my heels, too.”

Bones and All stars Chalamet and Russell as a pair of cannibals in love and on the road together. The film will be released in the U.S. on November 18.