Zendaya Confirms She’s Not Pregnant and Remains Too Cool for Twitter

A photo of Zendaya at the Time100 awards

No, Zendaya is not pregnant with Tom Holland’s child. It doesn’t matter if the phrase “Zendaya pregnant” is trending on Twitter, or if TikTok is filled with videos of “her” sonogram pics, the actress has spoken, and she is decidedly not with child.

Zendaya was forced to respond to the ludicrous rumors on Wednesday after they took on a life of their own online. The actress, who is busy filming her new movie, Challengers, took to Instagram with a very simple message. “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter...” she wrote. “Just making stuff up for no reason...weekly.” This week, the talk is that Zendaya is expecting a child with Holland, but considering her post, we now know there is no truth behind the news. After the actress shut it down, she got back to business. “Anyway back to filming Challengers” she wrote, sharing a photo of someone (possibly Zendaya herself?) carrying a racket on a tennis court.


It seems like this set of rumors can be traced back to TikTok, specifically to a recent trend inspired by Kris Jenner. Users make videos featuring fake news, only to end the video with a shot of Jenner and the words, “You just got Krissed,” AKA everything previously said in this TikTok is fake. It’s like the modern version of getting Rickrolled, except this trend involves the spreading of lies. In one of the Zendaya pregnancy videos, a user photoshopped fake Instagrams of the actress and her friends sharing sonogram photos, claiming Holland is tagged in the posts. As soon as the faux photos come up, though, they’re replaced by Jenner, informing the viewer they’ve been “Krissed.”

Of course, someone can exit out of the video before seeing the clip announcing it to be fake news, and that’s how rumors start spreading. So, the fact that this started out as a silly TikTok joke and ended up going viral on a whole different social media platform isn’t surprising, but it is disappointing. Can’t we just leave this beautiful couple alone? They just started posting photos of each other on Instagram, don’t ruin this for us!