Zoë Kravitz Wears John Cusack’s Old Clothes in High Fidelity Trailer

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Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity
Phillip Caruso

Hulu’s upcoming television series reboot of High Fidelity, starring Zoë Kravitz, updates a lot of material from the original 2000 movie starring John Cusack; not only has the main character’s gender flipped, but the action has moved from Chicago to New York City.

However: The first teaser for the show reveals that, in many ways, it stays faithful to the original framework. Not only is the tone the same (likely thanks to the fact that the film’s co-writer, Scott Rosenberg, came back to produce and write the series), but, perhaps more surprisingly, the clothes are not only quite similar but in some cases the exact same.

While Zoë Kravitz’s mother Lisa Bonet appeared in the original, Kravitz’s character’s wardrobe takes its notes directly from that of John Cusack’s record store owner, the Gen X manchild Rob Gordon.

While Cusack’s collection of band t-shirts, vintage Weezer-appropriate sweaters, and baggy pants were meant to denote slacker choices of the time, on Kravitz’s frame those same clothes look decidedly hip (though not in a way that negates the tone).

Both characters seem to favor the same vintage Dickies logo t-shirt

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Touchstone Pictures/Photofest

Both characters have a thing for black and yellow band tees.

There’s a shared fondness for baggy grandpa sweaters.

Though, not everyone of Kravitz’s looks is directly from Cusack.

This one, for example, is clearly purely from Doug Funnie.

The full series debuts on Hulu on February 14th, but until then you can view the trailer here: