The Attico’s Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio Covet Cher’s Every Look

by Annie Davidson

Giorgia Tordini leaning on her right-hand standing head-to-head with Gilda Ambrosio

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio know a thing or two about style. They’re a duo you’ve likely seen splashed across street style roundups sporting the latest designers while simultaneously maintaining a classic and sharp aesthetic—they’re also the co-founders of their Italian label The Attico, known for its often feather- and sequin-embellished, over-the-top aesthetic. But before launching their brand, the two were friends with a common timeless, bold, and hedonistic fashion vision. Five years since its inception, The Attico has developed a cult following (from talent like Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber and Jourdan Dunn donning their wares) and worldwide recognition. Part of the brand’s popularity stems from its combination of Tordini’s reserved restraint and Ambrosio’s outspoken opulence. And today, it’s venturing into new territory—from athleisure to swimwear—to become a comprehensive lifestyle brand.

Here, the co-founders share exclusively with W their Style Notes on everything fashion, business, and otherwise—particularly, how they’re navigating this new era.

Why did you decide to start The Attico?

Since the early days of our friendship, we’ve been talking about doing something together. We both felt ready to express our own voices, we wanted the challenge of combining two different styles into one, we wanted to create timeless dresses we would love to wear and keep in our closets forever. We have strengthened our identity by creating, in addition to the collections, many special projects that represent us, because we want our brand to be a community. We have been thinking about the long-term and strengthening the foundation of our brand in terms of product and storytelling, trying not to grow too hastily. We’re happy with where we are today because we’re taking the exact path we have been imagining since the beginning.

Tell us about your latest collection, which features genderless and beachwear offerings.

Life at Large is a collection which permitted us to embrace a wider clientele and, especially at this time when inclusiveness is important to expand our community, it was a project that we felt strongly about.

The beachwear collection, on the other hand, is one that could not but be part of the The Attico world. We love the sea and everything connected to it—with this capsule, which will continue on, we have translated the characteristics of the brand into a product that lends itself perfectly to the task.

Describe your style in three words.

Giorgia Tordini: Minimal, classic, and timeless.

Gilda Ambrosio: Eclectic, messy, and bizarre. We have very different styles and Attico is the result of both of our flairs.

What was the last thing you purchased?

Giorgia Tordini: Beauty products from Biologique Recherche.

Gilda Ambrosio: A pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers.

What was your style like as a teenager?

Giorgia Tordini: As minimal as it is today.

Gilda Ambrosio: Punk.

What’s the best fashion advice you've ever received?

Experiment, play with your clothes, have fun, and feel sexy. (This is coming from both of us!)

What’s the most prized possession in your closet?

Giorgia Tordini: My collection of Gucci by Tom Ford dresses and shoes.

Gilda Ambrosio: I’m most affectionate toward an MA1 bomber jacket I bought in Japan—and a few vintage t-shirts.

What was your first major fashion purchase?

Giorgia Tordini: The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag—which was super iconic in 2003.

Gilda Ambrosio: A Margiela dress.

What was the most recent big item you purchased?

Giorgia Tordini: The Camaleonda couch from B&B Italia. It was designed by the Italian architect Mario Bellini.

Gilda Ambrosio: The Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass

Do you have a favorite fashion moment from pop culture?

Giorgia Tordini: Victoria Beckham’s airport looks from the late ‘90s.

Gilda Ambrosio: Cher—in every moment.

What is always in your bag?

Giorgia Tordini: A pair of sunglasses.

Gilda Ambrosio: A lip balm.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing (or accessory) you own?

Giorgia Tordini: Some pieces I have inherited from my grandmother.

Gilda Ambrosio: I can’t tell, because I own a lot of vintage pieces; but probably a dress from the 1920s.

Who’s your ultimate style icon?

Cher is our definitive muse.

Currently on your shopping wish-list?

Giorgia Tordini: The Panthère watch by Cartier.

Gilda Ambrosio: A knit catsuit from Chanel.

What’s your daily uniform?

We are both very instinctive. We have no strategy in the morning on how to get dressed. We are often in a hurry and have no time to think too much about it, so our to-go outfit is definitely jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and flats.

What’s your preferred footwear?

Giorgia Tordini: Heels.

Gilda Ambrosio: Sneakers.