Bella Hadid Layers Up In NYC Ahead Of The Weekend

Bella Hadid is seen in Tribeca
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Another day, another enviable Bella Hadid outfit. On Friday, the model was spotted walking around Tribeca in a casual ensemble. Likely, the look was mostly thrifted and, therefore, can’t be replicated, but Hadid did provide us with a simple lesson on layering, an important skill to have, especially in fluctuating spring temperatures.

The model stepped out in a pair of oversized jeans, kept up with a simple brown belt. On top, she wore a white tee underneath an unbuttoned red shirt with a leather jacket on top. She finished the look off with a small pair of sunglasses, black sneakers, and a black leather shoulder bag tucked under her arm. All those layers could come of as clunky, but Hadid kept the shirts light and simple so they would fit underneath the jacket. The red shirt was also a good choice as it peaked out from underneath the black jacket, allowing for a bit of color to sneak into the look.

This well-layered outfit comes after the model was spotted out on Wednesday in another casual look, this one made up of a free Palestine tank top, yoga pants, and a mossy green quilted jacket. While out during the day, Hadid got hot and ditched the jacket, showing off her arms in the sleeveless top. On Friday, she clearly learned her lesson, though, and she’s now prepared no matter what the weather brings (except maybe rain, considering she’s carrying her laptop).

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images