Ten Elegant Robes for Lounging Around in Style

Animation by Tilden Bissell for W magazine.

The best robes—whether they’re the kind you throw on after a shower or something slinky you tie on after rolling out of bed—strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. They should be practical, sure, but there’s also an important element of glamour when it comes down to it. A great big terry cloth robe can remind you of a spa getaway, while a floral silk kimono can make you feel like an old Hollywood starlet recovering from the Oscars. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s something here for everyone to get wrapped up in.

The Best Floral Robe

The Best Silk Robe

The Best Kimono-Inspired Robe

The Best Short Robe

The Robe You Can Wear as a Dress

The Best Linen Robe

The Most Extra Robe

The Best Terry Cloth Robe

The Best Pajama-Style Robe

The Best Lightweight Robe