The 12 Must-Have Hats and Hair Accessories for Summer

Collage of hats and hair accessories
Collage by Tilden Bissell for W magazine.

There’s nothing I love more than a good accessory for your head—whether that’s a hat, neon scrunchie (to tap into the current ‘90s craze,) or a chic Prada-branded barrette. This season, designers have created colorful and creative styles that are sure to add a splash of fun to your summer ensemble. Maybe you’re looking for something cute and quirky; in that case, check out Marc Jacobs’s red and pink barrettes, or the Ashley Williams hairpins that do much more than just hold your coif in place. If your look for the summer is more incognito mode than standout hue, Gucci’s super wide-brim hat paired with your favorite pair of sunglasses will keep you low-key against any awkward post-lockdown run-ins. Regardless of your tastes—and plans—for summer, these hats and hair accessories are sure to get you ready for what the season has in store.

The Hats & Hair Accessories You Need Right Now