Chase Hall and Lauren Rodriguez Hall on Starting New Traditions

Written by Andrea Whittle
Photographs by Emily Rosser
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Chase Hall, Lauren Rodriguez Hall, and Paisley wear their own clothing and accessories.
Chase Hall, Lauren Rodriguez Hall, and Paisley wear their own clothing and accessories.

Newlyweds Lauren Rodriguez Hall, a fashion designer and art director, and Chase Hall, an artist, just moved into a Los Angeles home together. “Our house is full of tchotchkes, so we have lots of fun things to look at. But I’ll open a drawer to start cooking, and I’ll be like, Oh, we don’t have a spatula,” Lauren says.

The couple have been splitting their time between L.A. and New York City for years, but until now, they’ve usually stayed with friends and family while on the West Coast for the holidays. “This is the first time that we’ll have our own tree,” Chase says. “It’s exciting to think about nesting more seriously.” Their Christmas routine usually involves a morning at the beach for some surfing and a long walk with their Great Dane, Paisley, followed by a big family meal and maybe a movie. Rather than sticking to any particular traditions, they approach the holidays with an open-door, everyone-is-welcome philosophy: “It’s about love and making sure everyone feels cared for,” Chase says.

Seeing as they’re both creatives, the gifts they give each other often have an artistic bent—and tend to be spread throughout the year. “We spoil each other all the time,” Chase says. “If I see a little thing that I know Lauren would love, I’m quick to buy it.” In addition to designing denim workwear for her brand, Lorod, Lauren sources vintage and antique pieces, some of which Chase uses as references for his work, which explores biracial identity. This year, she designed for him a custom pair of jeans—a version of which will make its way into the Lorod lineup.

And they’ve started pulling together an art and design collection. “We’re very lucky to be in a community of people who make furniture and art and ceramics, and we can do nice little trade-offs,” Lauren says. “In turn, we have a really meaningful living space filled with creations from people we love.”

Still Lifes Photographed by Bobby Doherty; Styled Christina Holevas. Prop styling by Noemi. Bonazzi at M.A.P.

Hair by Neeko for MiraMePro at Tracey Mattingly; makeup by Jessica Ahn for Merit at Tracey Mattingly.

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