Dua Lipa Can’t Stop Wearing Her Moon Boots

Dua Lipa in Moon Boots

If you’re in the market for a cozy pair of winter boots this year, before you press order on those new Uggs or fleece-lined Hunters, let Dua Lipa make the case for another pair of footwear. The singer has been sharing pictures on Instagram of a little pre-Holiday getaway in the country with friends and, in almost all of the pics, Lipa’s look revolved around one thing: a pair of Moon Boots.

Lipa’s Moon Boots are actually a bit special, as they’re from the brand’s collab with GCDS. They feature Moon Boots’ signature over-sized shape, with the addition of white Mongolian faux fur and a Hello Kitty patch on the top.

While spending some time with friends, Lipa styled the boots in a few different ways. She first paired them with jeans, a red jacket, and a Prada tie in order to pose in front of a foggy pasture. Later, the singer stripped down, while keeping the boots on, wearing them with an Isa Boulder bikini before hitting the hot tub with friends. As a result, the boots are the star of not one, but two photo dumps from Lipa’s getaway, and if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.