Ukrainian and Russian Models Speak Out Against the War in Ukraine

What to read on the crisis and how to help.

The model Pasha Harulia protesting the Ukraine-Russian war with a "Stop War" sign

We’re currently in the midst of what initially felt like the first normal fashion month since the pandemic began—except it’s not, nothing is normal. On Thursday morning Russia invaded Ukraine prompting an outpouring of support for the nation under siege. For a number of runway regulars who call the country home, it’s nearly impossible to square being in the middle of show season while their loved ones face an uncertain future at home. On Instagram, Ashley Brokaw took care to express her love and support for Kristy Ponomar and Iriska Kravchenko, two Ukrainian models whom she cast in the Prada show that took place in the hours after Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war. “We’re all wearing sunglasses to cover up our puffy eyes,” stylist Anna Mazzhyk told France 24 of her fellow Ukrainians in attendance backstage.

Other Ukrainian models have joined Ponomar and Kravchenko in regularly posting about the crisis. Iana Godnia, for one, reposted the stylist Anastasiia Gutnyk’s Instagram declaring that “this is not time for the Prada show and all this bullshit. This is a genocide of a nation which you quietly observe on Instagram.” As thousands more Russian troops invade the country, and Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko warns of a “very difficult” second night of shelling and explosions ahead, more and more Ukrainian models have been sharing information and resources for how to help.

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Meanwhile, several Russian top models have condemned Putin for the attacks and expressed their support for Ukraine.

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