Gabrielle Union Owns the Whole Damn Company

Gabrielle Union on Instagram

Gabrielle Union is feeling herself, which means no one can tell her otherwise. Nor would anyone want to. Forget 51 percent, the actress looks like she owns the entire company in her latest Instagram post.

“Y’all, my curls are flourishing. Got a cute outfit on. I’ve secured the bag and thee bag,” Union wrote in the caption of her post on Thursday night. “I am moisturized. Knees, knuckles, ankles and elbows glistening. I’m fresh off a meditation and nobody can tell me diddly.” Of course, being a mom means moments of peace like that are few and far between, and Union knew her three-year-old would come bounding in at any moment. “So, basically I’ve got about 15 min before @kaaviajames has me looking like harry scary,” she joked.

Hopefully Kaavia will give her mother some personal space for a minute, because this look deserves some respect. Union, wearing a pleated silk suit from Cong Tri’s fall/winter 2021 collection, evokes the ultimate modern businesswoman in oversized trousers that pool just the right amount around her feet, and the perfect streetwear detail: a drawstring peeking out from her jacket’s hem. Union finished off the look with a black Birkin because of course she did. Kaavia, I beg of you, let your mother have her moment. If you do, something tells me one day that bag will be yours.

Courtesy of Cong Tri.