Move Over, Pearls—Harry Styles Has a New Favorite Necklace

Harry Styles in a chunky green bead necklace and watermelon shirt.
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Harry Styles achieved the unthinkable. He started wearing pearl necklaces, and suddenly teen boys across the globe started wearing them, too. Borrowing style cues from Barbara Bush, Coco Chanel, and grandmothers everywhere, Styles made simple strands of pearls one of his aesthetic signatures back in 2019 while doing promotion for his album Fine Lines. Now, however, as Styles welcomes us into the world of his third solo album, Harry’s House, he’s upgraded his accessories. This time around, his neckwear of choice is something we can only describe, in the best way possible, as “your favorite art teacher’s beads.”

In appearances and photoshoots, Styles has been wearing a rainbow’s worth of necklaces made up of chunky, brightly colored clay beads. They’re the type of statement accessory that you could easily imagine eccentric style icons like Iris Apfel or TikTok sensation Carla Rockmore pulling out of a drawer to add that final touch of “wow” to an ensemble. Although, come to think of it, they also bear something of a resemblance to the chunky red beads preferred by cultural icon Marge Simpson (despite what Kanye has to say, dressing like Marge isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Whatever the case, Styles can’t get enough of them. He’s worn the chunky necklaces while stopping by the SiriusXM studios, in promotional photos for the album, and throughout his recent spread in Better Homes and Gardens. Turns out, he’s been faithful to one brand. His collection comes from Miami-based jewelry brand éliou. The brand offers chunky necklaces with both acrylic beads (priced at $160) and handcrafted clay beads (which will run you $240). They come in multiple colors, and some are even clear acrylic. Many of the ones Styles has worn are available to buy, though according to the brand’s Instagram, Harry also owns a few variations that were custom made for him. Of course.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Spotify

While Styles seems to be the biggest devotee of this particular necklace so far, éliou has been a celebrity favorite for a while now. Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Joe Jonas, and Emma Corrin are all fans. Hailey Bieber is a noted fan, too—and apparently, so is her husband. Justin Bieber was once photographed in an éliou necklace he borrowed from his model wife. Oh, and the pearls Styles was photographed in circa 2019? Many of them were also from éliou. Now, will the teens of suburbia follow suit in the trend? History would suggest as much. And even if they can’t scrape together enough money to get Styles’s preferred brand, they could always ask their favorite art teacher where they got theirs.