Watch Julia Fox Turn a Towel Into ‘End-of-the-World Fashion Inspo’

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On Monday, actress Julia Fox shared a very special DIY tutorial on TikTok, saying, “I’m going to give you guys some end-of-the-world fashion inspo today.”

Then, she brought out a giant blue and white beach towel. If it is the end of the world, that towel would probably be most useful as a towel in a survival situation. But if an asteroid is about to hit the Earth, sure, let’s do one more runway show.

“It’s no secret that towels have made their way onto the runway, so today we’re going to cut up this towel and make it a dress,” she revealed, showing off the floral print piece emblazoned with the word “Hawaii.” She then cut out a hole in the middle for her head to pop through, which anyone with a pair of scissors has done to something at some point.

However, Fox isn’t just anyone. After letting the towel hang loose around her body, she shows how this project is all about the second hole. After marking where she wants the dress to end, she cuts there and then steps through it. She then pins up the remaining flap behind her before turning the whole thing around on her body, so an open cut out reveals her taut torso.

The Uncut Gems star then showed the “final look” after styling it with black leather opera gloves, knee-high black boots, black sunglasses, and a black handbag, saying, “I think it’s really chic.”

Julia Fox

Fox loves fashion and did even have her own knitwear brand called Franziska Fox that she started with friend and business partner, Briana Andalore, in 2014.

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“I really wished to propose a novel concept for knitwear, a form of dressing that I am most passionate about, and also to have a collection that is unafraid within today’s fashion landscape, in regards to the female form and intellect,” she told Elle when it launched. Sadly, the line no longer seems to be active, but Fox is clearly bubbling over with creative design energy.