Yes, Kylie Jenner Has the Hermès Birkenstock Mashup Sandals

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images For US Weekly

Hermès is synonymous with luxury, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and exclusivity beyond the realm of mere mortals. Kylie Jenner, who is an extremely rich mortal, has just copped possibly one of the most expensive pair of shoes in our lifetime: Birkenstock sandals made out of Hermès Birkin bags, by neo-Dada brand MSCHF. Retail price? A cool sum between $34,000 and $76,000. We’ll let you catch your breath before proceeding.

On her Instagram stories, Jenner posted a photo of the shoes in that familiar orange box, captioning it with a simple “thanks MSCHF.” The familiar two-strap uppers are crafted with black pebbled leather salvaged from an authentic Birkin bag, begging for cozy warm socks and slouchy jeans. They don’t look too different from Birkenstock’s iconic black leather Arizona sandal — and that’s the point. It’s a way to flaunt one’s wealth without making it too obvious, thousands of dollars spent on a product discernible only to the wearer (and Jenner’s millions of Instagram followers).

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To be clear, these Birkenstocks are not an official collaboration with Hermès. For this project, MSCHF purchased Birkin bags and used the leather to craft these shoes. The eye-popping price comes from the labor of crafting the shoe and the bag source material itself, dramatically increasing both product’s original value. MSCHF helpfully wrote a manifesto, explaining that “ONE MORE STEP IN THE PRODUCTION CHAIN EQUALS ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY TO UPSELL.”

Upsold indeed. The shoes, of which only 10 pairs were created by MSCHF, cost Jenner somewhere in between $34,000 and $76,000 — still a drop of water in her bucket, considering Jenner’s net worth. And the caption alludes to the possibility that the shoes may have been gift, which is somehow less bonkers than the retail price.