Meet Lefty Korine, The Cool-Kids Jewelry Designer Who’s Actually a Kid

Lefty Korine middle finger jewelry
Photographed by Rachel Korine

Lefty Korine comes from quite the artistic family. Her father is the director and photographer Harmony Korine and her mother, Rachel Korine, is an actress who starred in The Knick and Spring Breakers. Even Lefty’s four-year-old brother is a fledgling artist himself—he’s taken up photography, and even shot some of the pictures featured in this very article. Thirteen-year-old Lefty, in kind, has become a designer, launching her Gen Z-friendly jewelry brand By Lefty in August 2020.

As she explained during a phone call from the upstairs balcony of her Miami Beach home, she wanted to make some pocket money during the pandemic, and began researching ways to start a business. Jewelry-making seemed like the way in—so she and her mom went to her local Michaels and bought some colorful, chunky beads in the shapes of hearts, cubes, and leaves. By Lefty, which was first called Sell These Jewels has since transformed into a venerable brand—whose fan base includes Finn Wolfhard, Hunter Schafer, Post Malone, and, of course, Harmony Korine, who can be seen wearing a multicolored beaded glasses chain on the By Lefty Instagram account.

Below, Lefty discusses her future plan for the brand, watching TV while beading, and her proclivity for designer wares and fine jewelry. And for the record, this elevated taste extends to By Lefty, too. She’s no longer sourcing her materials from arts and crafts super-chains like Michaels. Now, she patronizes small, local bead shops.

Tell me about the latest with By Lefty. What are you currently working on?

I wanna start making fashion, and making it not just jewelry.

Do you have any idea what that looks like? Will it be a full line or merch?

I wanna start off with making swimsuits and stuff like that. That would be really cool. I’m starting to sketch designs, but right now it’s kind of just an idea.

Photographed by Rachel Korine

I was very curious about how Post Malone became such a huge fan of By Lefty. He's worn your jewelry multiple times.

I think what happened is, his stylist [Catherine Hahn] bought jewelry from By Lefty and then dressed him in it. We don’t know his stylist, but she just bought a lot off our website.

When you say we, do you mean you and your parents?

Yeah, my mom helps a lot with the Instagram because, like, I’m young.

But I feel like you might know more about Instagram than her, no offense.

Yeah, that’s probably true.

Courtesy of Lefty Korine

How do you get inspiration to make your jewelry?

I usually just sit down and look at the beads and start putting stuff on. I make cool patterns and just see how it looks.

I read that you will watch TV sometimes or have it on in the background while you bead. Do you still do that?

Yeah, because I’m not really good at focusing. So I don’t get bored, I put TV on in the background. Right now, I’m watching Orange Is the New Black. It’s super good.

Are there any jewelry brands that you’re loving at the moment?

I really love Van Cleef, it’s my favorite. And Cartier. And Tiffany. I love nice jewelry.

Have you ever worn Van Cleef jewelry?

Yeah, I have a Van Cleef necklace on right now. It’s a little mother of pearl and gold clover, and I bought it with my own money!

What is the most prized possession in your closet?

Probably my Off-White sweatshirt. I love Off-White. I have the shoes and the sweatshirt.

What about in your jewelry box?

Probably my Van Cleef necklace.