Marc Jacobs Brings Sexy Back To The COVID-19 Vaccine

Marc Jacobs lying on the floor, wearing a furry red and white coat, fishnets, and blue heels
Photo by Mario Sorrenti

Years from now, fashion critics and historians will think about the things we wore during the pandemic. Personal protective equipment, fancy sweatpants, face masks; our style lexicon is much different now than it was in January 2020, and thanks to Marc Jacobs, we’re about to add a new hitherto “unprecedented” term to our vocabulary: sexy vaccine chic.

On Instagram, Jacobs shared a photo of himself at a physician’s office. A nurse is administering his second vaccine dose, and this would be totally normal, except Jacobs is wearing a light leopard-print jacket, a pink sequined skirt, and white platform boots. He’s also completely unbuttoned his shirt to show off half of his chest and bicep tattoo — and also to allow the nurse to inject his Pfizer vaccine. Jacobs helpfully hashtagged his look #marshmallowsnowballrealness.

It’s so sexy. Truthfully, we’re surprised we haven’t seen more suggestive vaccine sleeves making the rounds; the potential for showing skin is especially tempting — if you can ignore the healthcare worker who is valiantly giving you a live-saving injection. The hottest spring accessory is mRNA-induced antibodies with a touch of nip slip. And once we reach herd immunity, hello horny summer 2021.*

*Until then, please wear your mask as per the CDC guidelines, and get vaccinated!