Mia Goth Subverts the Exposed Bra Trend at the MaXXXine Premiere

Mia Goth attends world premiere of A24's "MAXXXINE"at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 24, 2024 in Hollyw...
Kayla Oaddams/WireImage/Getty Images

Mia Goth hasn’t attended a proper step and repeat since March of last year. But, judging by her latest red carpet outfit, she hasn’t lost sight of what’s en vogue. Last night in Los Angeles, Goth twisted and turned the exposed bra trend during the world premiere of MaXXXine.

Goth slipped into a sultry number from Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s Robert Mapplethorpe-inspired fall 2024 runway show. Like any classic LBD, Goth’s look was designed with a form-fitting skirt that swept just below her shoes. But the standout feature was the lingerie bustier of Goth’s dress. Goth’s bra top was treated with de Saint Sernin’s signature eyelet detailing and flowed into a plunging neckline. While we’re used to the flash of a bra here or there, Goth’s version of the trend went down a subverted route—from the silver grommet finish to the framing halter straps—making things more about the actual bra than just the illusion of one.

Kayla Oaddams/WireImage/Getty Images

Goth’s red carpet look wasn’t just focused on the frontside. The remainder of the actress’s dress finished off with some major back cleavage and a steep center slit. Goth kept styling simple, opting for tousled waves, dewy skin, Tabayer jewelry, and black stilettos by Gianvito Rossi.

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Goth stars alongside Elizabeth Debicki, Lily Collins, Halsey, and more in MaXXXine—director Ti West’s third installment in the X film series. MaXXXine’s plot follows Maxine Minx (Goth) as she navigates 1980s Hollywood while being pursued by the serial killer “Night Stalker.”

“The way we worked together has evolved as we’ve gone through these three movies,” Goth told reporters of her dyanmic with West during the film’s premiere. “Now, that we’re on the third one of the trilogy [Ti] doesn’t direct me as much as anymore.”

Goth continued, “It’s more like gaurdrails. I’ll come to set and I’ll do what I think works. And sometimes it’s way off and he’ll be like ‘you need to come back to the center a bit.’ And I’ll do something else, change the picture of it a little bit and then that feels right. We have such a shorthand with one another.”