Shante Broadus Is the Powerhouse Behind Snoop Dogg’s Career

The Boss Lady Entertainment founder (and Snoop’s wife) steps into the spotlight.

Snoop Dogg with his wife, Shante Broadus, posing in The Boss Lady Entertainment t-shirt and the Broa...

For decades, Shante Broadus has operated behind the scenes as the business consultant and close confidant of one Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. better known as Snoop Dogg—who also happens to be her husband of 23 years. She’s been a force in Snoop’s career from his earliest days making tracks like “Ain’t No Fun.” And now, she’s making her position as a boss lady official. Broadus, who founded Boss Lady Entertainment and was named to Snoop’s executive team as his manager earlier this year, is also spearheading the Broadus Collection, a line of scarves she’s created with her entire family that are set to hit The Snoopermarket, Snoop Dogg’s e-commerce site.

“I was there with him when he started all this,” Broadus tells me over the phone from Los Angeles. “Even before he came out [as a musician], our friends and I were his fans. We would always listen to his songs and give our opinions. When he became popular, I was still helping them with deals and offers.”


As a result, Broadus oversees all aspects of Snoop Dogg’s many businesses: his cannabis line, Leafs by Snoop; his spirits, gaming, music, touring, TV, and film. She also works with her son Cordell and daughter Cori, both of whom are pursuing music careers, using the business smarts she picked up working with the world-famous rapper.

Cori, it turns out, was a huge inspiration behind the Broadus Collection scarf line. At six years old, Cori was diagnosed with lupus and her hair began falling out. “I would put a scarf on her,” Broadus says. “And so she wouldn’t feel like she was the only one wearing scarves, we all wore scarves with her to make her feel less alone.” To create a line that “was positive and a reflection of her going through all that,” Broadus and her kids chose bright colors and upbeat patterns and textiles for the scarves.


The scarf collection is the first step in an entire upcoming lifestyle brand, according to Broadus. So far, she’s coming out with a line of candles alongside the scarves—but other wares, including bedding and home goods, are on the way.

For now, Broadus’s immediate concern is staying focused on keeping Snoop’s various ventures running. “It’s people out there that you can’t always trust,” she says. “He knows that he can always trust me. So he wanted the world to know he had his wife by his side, helping him. He wanted a strong female to lead. And of course, that’s me. I’m the boss lady.”