You Can Swim in Tessa Thompson's Wide Leg Pants

Tessa Thompson (L) and Alia Shawkat are seen in the East Village
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Tessa Thompson has capital “T” taste. She cultivated that style throughout years of thrift shopping with her parents in Los Angeles and now, whether she’s getting glammed up for a red carpet, or going around the corner to visit a friend in the East Village, it’s almost guaranteed she will be wearing something that, at the very least pleases the senses. When she’s really on the mark, though, she can move trends forward with just one look.

That’s exactly what Thompson did on Wednesday afternoon when she was spotted walking around Lower Manhattan. The actress stepped out in an over-sized outfit so beautifully proportioned so as not to swallow up her small frame. Thompson paired an off-white fuzzy sweater with an oversized button-down underneath, cuffed at the wrists for a bit of extra flare. The pièce de résistance, though, comes in the form of pants, more specifically Thompson low-rise, wide-legged cuffed pants that look like they could slip of her hips at any moment. Paired with some black pointed toe boots, the result is a laidback, cool girl look that seems so easily achievable, yet so dangerous to actually try on your own.

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

But Thompson wasn’t done being cooler than everyone with just her one jaunt around town. Later in the day, she ditched the plaid pochette she was previously carrying for a more low-key black backpack, and removed the button-down from underneath her sweater. This allowed you to really appreciate the full glory of her jeans, how low they sling and the true merits of their incredible proportion.

Thompson isn’t the only cool girl in town, however. While out and about, she took her big pants over to see her friend, Alia Shawkat, who wore an equally enviable outfit made up of a blue suede fringe jacket and some lug sole boots as she chatted with Thompson outside a building in the East Village. Perhaps we need some sort of buddy movie with these two? It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, but who wouldn’t watch these two undeniably well-dressed people take on an adventure in ginormous pants for 90 minutes or so?