How to Recreate the Swinging Sixties Looks from The Beatles: Get Back

by Erica Campbell

The Beatles: Get Back Images Courtesy of Disney Plus

When Peter Jackson made the new docuseries, The Beatles: Get Back, combing through nearly 60 hours of unseen footage and 150 hours of unheard audio that had been tucked away in a vault for half a decade, it’s safe to say he didn’t intend to make a fashion film. But by granting viewers fly-on-the-wall access to the fab four’s January 1969 recording sessions—and shining a light on the dynamic between John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr as they rushed toward the Let It Be album, film, and ultimately, the band’s end—Jackson unintentionally cracked opened a formidable 1960s style capsule.

There are more than just a few intriguing moments in the film that provide a window into one of the most beloved rock bands in history: their final and joyous live performance on a London rooftop; McCartney sowing the seeds that would become “Let It Be” as Starr looks on in amazement; or Harrison casually creating “Something” with Lennon’s input. But some of the most striking details come from what the band wore—Starr’s floral emblazoned shirts, Harrison’s plethora of turtlenecks, Lennon’s rock and roll layering under heavy fur coats, and even Paul McCartney’s beard. For those in search of late ‘60s fashion inspiration by way of the staggering and stunning wardrobe of The Beatles, their partners, and creative counterparts, the documentary is a gold mine. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to time travel and procure the exact wardrobe from the docuseries, but these fits will help you emulate the best looks from The Beatles: Get Back, and make them your own.

Ringo Starr’s Floral and Paisley Statement Shirts

When it comes to bold and bright patterned shirts, Starr didn’t hold back—especially during the Get Back sessions. Although Ringo’s bright pink and floral number may feel a little too throwback for some, this floral print t-shirt by Etro is a modern take on the same eye-catching drummer-worthy designs.

Paul McCartney’s Black and Purple Cosmic Shirt

McCartney had a propensity for layering a vest over a shirt or sweater in the studio. Although many of his best looks while recording songs that ended up on Let It Be and Abbey Road were cozy sweaters, we think the cosmic design of this black and violet shirt is the most worthy of emulation. You’ll likely have to forage through vintage shops to find a replica of McCartney’s button-down, but this slim shirt by The Kooples gives you the same speckled ode to the cosmos and fit as the original.

Glyn Johns’s Iconic Striped Suit Jacket

Co-producer Glyn Johns may have unintentionally stolen the fashion spotlight in the film, thanks to his abundance of exquisite coats. As you’ll see from his moments on this list, Johns had a penchant for tailored blazers, leather, and fur—an unrivaled fashion sensibility in the Get Back studio. This striped suit blazer from Levis captures the essence of his classic menswear style.

John Lennon’s Borrowed Brown Fur Coat

First, it’s important to note that Lennon’s fur coat is actually Yoko Ono’s fur coat, pointing to the interconnectedness of more than just their style. This lush coat provided Lennon warmth during the chilly day the band played their last set on a London rooftop, and this faux-fur peacoat by Amiri is sure to keep you just as toasty.

George Harrison’s Casual Denim Shirt

Denim button-downs are just as essential to rock and roll artists as the instruments they play. The classic look is easy, comfortable, and gives the person wearing them a sort of effortless aura of cool. Will donning this Levi’s replica of Harrison’s denim shirt grant you the creativity to churn out an epic track like “All Things Must Pass”? Probably not, but you’ll look good while trying.

Glyn Johns’s Leather Croc Embossed Coat

Again, we turn our eyes toward Johns’s epic coat collection—this time at his crocodile-embossed leather black jacket. It’s hard to find a close version of the jacket (and believe me, I tried) but this textured moto jacket by Andrew Marc is a current take on Johns’s ridiculously good look.

George Harrison’s Cozy Turtlenecks

Although the most astonishing moments involving Harrison in Get Back involve him quitting the band during a lunch break, throwing a casual, “See you ‘round the clubs,” toward his bandmates, his showcase of perfectly hued turtlenecks was also pretty show-stopping. This orange cable knit turtleneck by The Kooples captures that same sensible, relaxed-under-pressure, yet star-worthy Harrison style.

Mal Evans’s Epic Fringe Jacket

The Beatles road manager Mal Evans may deserve his own article for the green suede fringe coat he donned during the band’s recording sessions. Finding a perfectly fitted vintage fringe jacket these days is a full-time job, especially when it comes to this particular shade of army green. However, this western fringe coat by The Kooples will keep you warm while you sift through thrift store bins for the real thing.

Lennon’s Multicolor Striped Shirt

Lennon’s button-down shirt with yellow, green, and purple stripes is both retro and classic, which is why it could be easily incorporated into your current wardrobe. You can throw on this multistripe sports shirt by Etro with denim as an ode to the Beatle, but unfortunately, his disheveled hair and unparalleled wit won’t be included.

Glyn Johns’s White Fur Coat

We would not have done our due diligence unless we included Johns’s white fur coat on this list—a jacket so fabulous, even six-year-old Heather McCartney couldn’t help but throw it on during a jam session. This faux-fur down jacket by the Banana Republic is a safe bet to satisfy your coat envy.