These Show-Stopping Pieces Will Rule The Holiday Gifting Season

If you’re reading this, pause right now and remind yourself that it’s nearly November and the holidays are coming. Not trying to stress you out – I’m merely commenting on the rapid passage of time to prepare you for the impending gifting season. On the upside, one of the benefits of living in 2021 is that we’re basically living in the future, and convenient tools like the Klarna app are at our disposal. And, incidentally, it’s reported that ​​40% of US consumers will start their holiday shopping earlier this year than they did last year. So, if you want to be a part of that 40%, I’ve got some predictions about what’s going to be hot hot hot and j’adored by everyone on your list. But before we get into the good stuff, let’s make a plan.

My parents taught me that it’s gauche to talk so openly about money, but the truth is that financial constraints can often suck the joy out of the most wonderful time of the year. There are a lot of people on our to-gift lists and we want to give them the best of the best. But what if you didn’t have to burn through your paycheck to make everyone’s wishes come true? The Klarna app will help you turn this fantasy into a reality with some shockingly practical methods, and it all starts with consolidation. When you shop with Klarna, you’re making your life easier by having all things in one place: a source of inspiration, flexible financing, rewards, and an insider’s look at exclusive deals from all your favorite brands.

Imagination is the key to finding the best gifts, and shopping with Klarna helps you unlock this creative energy with personalized inspo and content from brands and friends alike. You’ll tap into a colorful world of idea-sharing and moodboarding that’ll prime you to find unique gifts for even the pickiest of recipients. Part of what makes this such a harmonious experience is the flexible payment element, which eases the pressure on your mind, heart, and wallet. You can shop when you want, and pay in 4 installments, interest-free over the next 6 weeks — because shopping for gorgeous, well-made items should feel gorgeous! Download the Klarna app now to go from browsing to purchasing to owning with grace – and if you need an extra nudge, check out my favorite picks of the season below:

Baignoire 24.5mm Rose Gold And Alligator Watch

If you follow my account, you know that I’m obsessed with watches (and in particular, Cartier). Their classic Tank watch has been made famous by practically every star you admire, but why not try a different silhouette? The Baignoire – French for bathtub – is shaped just so, an unexpected accent against the timelessness of the leather strap.