All of Thom Browne’s Most Eclectic Celebrity Ambassadors

“Who are you wearing?” is a question you never need ask a celebrity in a Thom Browne uniform. The all-American designer’s grey three-piece suits, tailored shorts, and striped socks are unmistakable, and appeal to a much wider audience than you’d expect. That’s also the case for the imaginative, fantastical collections Browne typically presents on the runway—the latest of which stars Lindsey Vonn. The skier and gold medal Olympian is actually just one several athletes Browne has appointed ambassadors, along with more typical celebrities like Maisie Williams, Cardi B, and Kristen Stewart. As for what unites them all, naturally, Browne’s explanation was eccentrically punctuated and in lowercase: “…they are all true individuals who are confidently true to themselves…” Here, a brief survey of the wide-ranging talent he feels fit the bill.

Getty Images

Lindsey Vonn

Alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn has hit the slopes countless times, but it wasn’t until Thom Browne tapped her to present his fall 2021 collection that she did so in black-tie.

Photo by Emma Louise Swanson

Jeremy O. Harris

Playwright Jeremy O. Harris has stuck to the Thom Browne uniform—striped socks, blazer, and all—even when working from home.

Photo by Jacopo Raule via Getty Images