Zoey Deutch Is Here For Your Holiday Rom-Com Needs

With her film Something From Tiffany’s, the actress and Coach campaign star officially ventures into the festive, feel-good genre.

Zoey with a Christmas tree
Courtesy of Coach

Zoey Deutch spent much of her childhood rifling through clothing at vintage stores and frequenting garage and estate sales, where she searched for treasures with her mother and sister. The Not Okay star—who shot to fame in films like Why Him? and Set It Up—traveled often with her parents, actor Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch. “We were always going to weird places for my mom and dad’s work,” she says from her home in Los Angeles. “We would find ourselves in these small towns, and those are the best places to go vintage shopping.” Her family may not have known it at the time, but Deutch was on the hunt for one particular item: a classic, black Coach bag with a buckle on the front. “I wanted a smaller one that was really beat up,” she explains, “Because my thing with nice bags is, if they’re brand new, I’m afraid of scratching them. One scratch on a black leather bag looks terrible, but if it’s beat to shit and worn-in, it looks great.”

These days, Deutch—who stars in the upcoming holiday romantic comedy Something From Tiffany’sdoesn’t have to hit the garage sale circuit to find her dream bag. In fact, she’s one of the stars of Coach’s holiday campaign, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Chan-young Yoon. Titled “Feel the Wonder” and shot by photographer Anton Gottlob, the cheerful ads feature looks from creative director Stuart Vevers’ winter 2022 collection, alongside piles of presents and festive decor. Although nary a black leather bag can be found in the campaign, Deutch says her own secondhand search for an old-school Coach design came up successful at an estate sale one year. “I found one,” she says. “I still have it downstairs.”

Below, the actress discusses her teenage style and why she’s confused by all the Tweets about her and Glen Powell singlehandedly reviving the rom-com genre.

It seems like you have a long history with Coach.

I have worn Coach for many years—since I started working when I was 15, actually. One of my first red carpets, I wore a Coach dress. I love how much Stuart Vevers incorporates and honors the history of the brand. A couple years ago, I asked if I could go see the archives. Some brands don’t have an extensive or organized archive for various reasons: it’s a hard thing to maintain throughout different leadership. But since the 1940s, Coach is one of the few brands, at least that I know of, which has a really extensive, beautiful archive. I got to go down and look at it with him—it was really cool and exciting for me. We got dinner afterward.

Courtesy of Coach

What’s one gift you would like to receive or give for the holidays?

I’m really loving Coach’s Heart Crossbody bag. It’s red, which is my favorite color. Everything in my home is red. I have, like, three red couches. Everyone else is on the neutral trend, like, more beige! And I’m like, red everywhere! Red carpets, red couches, red paintings, red pots for the plants!

Behind the scenes at Deutch’s Coach holiday campaign shoot.

Courtesy of Coach

There are tons of tweets right now from fans who are begging you and your Set It Up co-star Glen Powell to “bring back good rom-coms.” Have you seen them?

I’ve seen the tweets. But one thing I’m confused by is, somehow, people think I’ve been in 90 rom-coms. I’ve been in one rom-com. I don’t know how it happened, but people will be like, Zoey, I love all your rom-coms. And I’m like, Which ones are you talking about? [Laughs].

Well, that one rom-com clearly had a real effect on people.

I love [Set It Up] so much. I’m working on another movie with the same writer, Katie Silverman, and she’s just god. I’m ready for the people who loved Set It Up to see Something From Tiffany’s. It’s really different, and totally feel-good. I’m really proud to put out something that makes you laugh and cry and feel holiday joy. It’s one of those movies you can watch over and over again.

Let’s get into the Style Notes questions. What is the best fashion tip you’ve picked up on set?

Immediately, when you said “on set,” I thought of a bunch of weird hacks I’ve learned. Like, let’s say you have an old vintage garment or something you are afraid of putting in the wash, or even getting dry cleaned, but it smells. If you get a spray bottle and put vodka in it, a little spritz of vodka will take out the smell. That’s something costumers on set do a lot. This one is simple, but you know when you have tight boots and it’s a nightmare to get ‘em on? You just wear a pair of thin tights, and then the boots slide on easily.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t follow trends.

What’s the most prized possession in your closet?

This black Kenzo coat, which has fuzzy eyes on it.

Tell me what your style was like as a teenager.

I had so much fun with clothing as a teenager. I sewed a lot. In fifth grade through middle school, and into high school, I made so many fun things with my best friend, Willa Bennett. We were always going to flea markets and cutting shit up, doing weird photo shoots and having fun. We were content creators and we didn’t know it. Now, I just wanna be comfortable. So much of my life is spent trying on clothing: hours of putting on, taking off, putting on, taking off. I’m sick of it [laughs]. I never want to shop!

What’s your style pet peeve?

I struggle with V-necks, big time.

Do you have any fashion regrets?

I have so many fashion regrets—including the leopard print, Victoria’s Secret push-up bra. Do you remember the ones that had gel inserts? They were like water bras, so awful. And I made a point to show mine off! I was beyond bullied for that, and probably rightfully so. I don’t think I’ve worn a padded bra since then.