10 Times Fashion Embraced Feminism in 2016

Fashion has never been shy about making political statements, so it was no surprise to see designers this year voicing feminist slogans on the runway, rallying around a female presidential candidate, and taking up multiple causes to support women’s rights. Here, ten times fashion labels, designers and influencers embraced feminism in 2016.

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This year, models supported #FreeTheNipple by posting tasteful instagrams and even sporting sheer tops for photographers waiting outside fashion week shows. “The mission behind Free the Nipple is to raise awareness and affect chance, in the areas of the inequality of men and women that are still being experienced in the world today.” Kendall Jenner even posted on her blog saying she didn’t know what the big deal was.


Artist Zoe Buckman presented collections such as Let Her Rave, marrying the masculine to the feminine asking which gender holds power. As an artist Buckman’s work explores themes of feminism and often uses fashion to send a message to promote equality. In her collection, Every Curve, Buckman uses vintage lingerie to explore the influences of feminism and hip-hop in her up brining. The instillation examines vintage undergarments and what they represented to female objectification.


Lonely, the luxury lingerie line out of New Zealand, teamed up with Lena Dunham and Jimima Kirke for the #LonelyGirlsProject. The line encourages women to wear the lingerie in their own way and to be confidant doing so. Both Dunham and Kirke have often spoken out for women’s rights and pose in the Lingerie ad campaign without any touch ups. The message here is simple, women should love who they are.


Christian Dior’s newly appointed creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is the first female to hold the role at the fashion house. It is obvious to say that she did not shy away from sending a feminist message at her Spring 2017 debut collection. Among her romantic dresses and skirts and fencing inspired suits was a tee shirt reading “We Should All Be Feminists”. The shirt instantly became a hit on Instagram.

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Celebrities came out in full force to support Hillary Clinton, wearing tees that sported her face as well as posting for #ImWithHer.


Fashion books such as W magazine and Vogue gave first ever presidential endorsements for Clinton.

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Vogue even created a tee with Hilary’s face on it, quickly becoming the fashion crowd’s favorite top to wear this November.

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Beyoncé even took notice of Clinton’s iconic pantsuit and showed her support by sporting her own in an endorsement concert. Queen B has been very vocal in 2016 encouraging her fans to vote, and did not shy away from sharing her hope to finally see the first female president.

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In April, Marks & Spencer and Dolce & Gabbana catered to the Muslim female market with full body bathing suits with looks with hijabs. This action instantly struck up the debate for the freedom of women to be able to wear whatever they want. Pierre Berge, co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent, became involved and spoke out for women’s rights. Anniesa Hasibuan soon became the first designer to begin pairing a hijab with every look in her show during NYFW.

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In September, several designers featured feminist messages within their Spring collections. Opening Ceremony cast its presentation with women who inspired instead of models. And Stella McCartney displayed messages such as “Girls Thanks” on her clothing.