Photos: She Did It Her Way

Anne Anka—ex-wife of Paul—has built a deliciously eclectic art collection by buying only what she loves.

Anne Anka, West Hollywood Home
Photographer: Adrian Gaut
Photographer: Adrian Gaut

Anka, with Christopher Wool’s Untitled (P527), 2006.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

In the guest room of her house in Los Angeles, text prints from Christopher Wool’s Black Book, 1989, surround Albert Oehlen’s Mode, 2005.


An array of tear sheets from Anne Anka’s glamorous days as a model. Courtesy of Karen Radkai/Vogue and Bert Stern/Vogue.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

In the entryway of the house, an Aaron Curry sculpture, Untitled, 2010, is flanked by Sam Durant’s Let’s Judge Ourselves as People, 2002, and Christopher Wool’s Untitled (P527), 2006.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

Anka as Hecuba in two pieces from Elliott Hundley’s Anne as Hekabe, 2009.


Anne and Paul, in a German magazine, circa 1963. Courtesy of Aysha Banos.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

In the living room above the fireplace are several untitled works by Josh Smith, 2007–2010. To the left is Lynda Benglis’s Fandango, 1979, and to the right, leaning against the wall, is a Jasper Johns screen print, Corpse and Mirror (F.211), 1976.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

Her grandfather’s desk, with her porcelain collection, in front of (from left) Alex Hubbard’s Carmagedon, 2011, and Rudolf Stingel’s, Untitled, 2007.


Paul, Anne, and Elvis Presley, Las Vegas, circa 1964.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

In Anka’s hallway, from left, are Pamela Rosenkranz’s Express Nothing (Innocent Self), 2011, Alex Israel’s Self Portrait, 2013, Ryan Sullivan’s June 28, 2010–July 5, 2010, 2010.


Anka, with four of her daughters (from left) Alicia, Anthea, Alexandra, and Amanda, in a 1976 photograph by Slim Aarons. Courtesy of Slim Aarons/Getty Images.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

Lynda Benglis’s Smiles, 1975.

Photographer: Adrian Gaut

In another hallway, Brie Ruais’s Unfolding (Peeling Orange), 2012, at left, and Israel’s Untitled (Flat), 2012, at center.