In the Mood for… Artist Studios

An artist’s studio provides a window into their creative process. Here, 10 spaces that truly inspire.

Artist Studios

“I prefer to make big things rather than small things,” notes Bosco Sodi.

Bosco Sodi: Behind the Scenes” photographed by Dustin Aksland.


“Every creative person needs a pen and a paper to record their ideas,” says Misaki Kawai.

Winter Wonderland” photographed by Vincent Dilio.


“I’m very interested in balance,” says Wendell Castle.

Wendell Castle’s Organic Formalism” photographed by Vincent Dilio.


“I’m not a chaos lover,” says Zoe Pettijohn Schade

Zoe Pettijohn Schade’s Artful Histories” photographed by Vincent Dilio.


“A lot of our work is a response to materials that come into our life,” says Steven Ladd.

Brotherly Love” photographed by Dustin Aksland.


“I was looking for a very specific kind of studio space. I needed certain windows, certain light,” says Ellen Altfest.

Ellen Altfest’s Reality Check” photographed by Vincent Dilio.


“I’m an obsessive compulsive. I line everything up,” says Jack Early.

You Don’t Know Jack” photographed by Emily Johnston.


“The urban landscape stimulates me—but not to the same extent looking at plants does,” notes Francoise Grossen.

Artist Françoise Grossen Is All Tied Up” photographed by Charlie Rubin.


“When I was in my 20s, everything seemed so precious. If something didn’t work I would think that there was something wrong with me. Now I’m so happy when something fails,” says Kon Trubkovich.

Behind the Scenes with Kon Trubkovich” photographed by Vincent Dilio.


“I move things out of the way just enough to work,” says Virginia Overton.

Natural Selection” photographed by Emily Johnston.