Brushes with Greatness

W visits the studios of eight women painters who are featured in The Museum of Modern Art’s new exhibit “The Forever Now”—and finds not 
a single wallflower in the bunch.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“The studio is where I digest.” -Julie Mehretu. Read more from the artist here.

Mehretu in her studio.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“The power that a painting can have is always mysterious.” -Charline von Heyl. Read more about this artist here.

Von Heyl in her studio.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“Don’t get me started on the history of Coney Island.” -Mary Weatherford. Read more from the artist here.

Weatherford with From the Mountain to the Sea, 2014.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“I’m more interested in things that are awkward and clunky and complicated.”-Amy Sillman. Read more from the artist here.

Sillman with several works from 2013–2014.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“I like fighting my way through, not knowing what I’m going to do.” -Laura Owens. Read more from the artist here.

Owens in front of wallpaper she designed.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“I’m always trying to redefine and reposition myself. That’s what you do as an artist.” -Kerstin Brätsch. Read more from the artist here.

Brätsch in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn, studio with one of her pieces.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“Bernini spent his life making stone look like fabric, I wanted to do the opposite.” -Dianna Molzan. Read more from the artist here.

Molzan with two of her pieces.

Photography by Stefan Ruiz

“These portraits are about color, shape, balance, symmetry. It’s as close to pure formalism as I’m probably ever going to get.” -Nicole Eisenman. Read more from the artist here.

Eisenman with works in progress.