Beyoncé’s Mom “Ms. Tina Lawson” Has a Flawless Instagram

Tina Knowles Lawson

Ms. Tina Knowles (who now goes by Tina Lawson) has a lot to be proud of: her two daughters, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles run the world; she’s got two perfect grandchildren, Blue Ivy and Daniel Julez Smith, Jr.; and she’s happily married to actor Richard Lawson, since divorcing Matthew Knowles in 2009. And the 62-year-old even has almost half a million followers of on Instagram. Greatest hits include Saturday brunch at Costco, photos with fellow mom-ager Kris Jenner, plus a flawless “I woke up like this” selfie. She’s even got a LuMee case! Here’s a sip of her social media lemonade.


“We look like members of The Adams Family.”

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Tina Lawson and her daughter, Solange Knowles.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Tina Lawson at Kris Jenner’s birthday party.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Caption: “I woke up like this. My curls from yesterday are replaced with frizz! Yikes.”

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Tina Lawson has always been flawless, however.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


For their anniversary, Mr. and Ms. Lawson got matching king and queen sweatshirts.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Caption: “You know you can have brunch free at Costco on Saturday mornings with all the free samples. HaHa.”

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Caption: “Yes we are eating watermelon! We love it!!!!!”

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Tina Knowles playing with her LuMee case.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Tina Knowles at the Super Bowl.

Photo by @mstinalawson.


Caption: “My baby with a jar of lemonade. We just had a lemonade toast!!!”

Photo by @mstinalawson.