Photos: Oh Canada!

One of New York’s scrappiest, most anti-establishment galleries is facing its biggest challenge yet: success.

Photographer: Jeff Henrikson
Photographer: Jeff Henrikson

The scene at Canada.

Photographer: Jeff Henrikson

Canada partners Suzanne Butler (far left), Wallace Whitney (seated, front), Phil Grauer and Sarah Braman (in blue and in light pink, far right), with director Adrianne Rubenstein (far right) and gallery artists Samara Golden (in black shirt, on table), Jason Fox (in blue shirt, far back), Luke Murphy (in front of Fox), Michael Williams (center, in gray), Matt Connors (center, in white), Michael Mahalchick (at back, in navy stripes), Tyson Reeder (to right of Mahalchick), Joe Bradley (in baseball cap), Brian Belott (far back right, in blue), Joanna Malinowska (in front, kneeling), and assorted friends, colleagues, and family.


The team installing Hawk From a Handsaw. Photo by Sarah Braman.


Joanna Malinowska’s Hawk From a Handsaw, 2013. Hawk from a Handsaw: Photograph by Phil Grauer; team: Sarah Braman


David Askevold’s performance Two Hanks, 2003. Two Hanks: Photograph by Phil Grauer; Team: Sarah Braman.


Samara Golden’s installation A Fall of Corners, 2015. Photograph by Phil Grauer.


Michael Williams’s Ikea Be Here Now, 2013. Photograph by Phil Grauer.


Matt Connors’s Gatefold Maquette, 2014. Photograph by Phil Grauer.