All Together Now

Friedman Benda

In its third iteration, the nomadic Collective Design Fair takes up residency this week at an industrial space overlooking New York’s Hudson River, filling the cavernous space with cutting-edge contemporary design as well as curated modernist masterpieces. Here, five don’t miss booths.


R & Company

One of the fair’s only regulars, R & Company is showing select pieces by David Wiseman, Thaddeus Wolfe, and the Haas Brothers. However, it’s newcomer and former denim designer Rogan who stole the show with the provocative, abstract wooden forms that he carved by hand.

Photo by Clemens Kois.


Egg Collective

Founded by three young female designers (Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie), Egg Collective is a relative newcomer to the design game but their elevated pieces are anything but sophomoric. A modular shelving unit made out of bronze and wood at Site Unseen OFFSITE’s pop-up space epitomizes the group’s ability to be fresh and functional.

Photo by Clemens Kois.


Etage Projects

Although a majority of gallerist Maria Foerlev’s pieces got stuck in customs for the VIP preview, the Copenhagen curator’s booth still impressed with a handful of sleek works by FOS (a.k.a. designer Thomas Paulson), including his cast-bronze Center Table, sleek brass tray, and towering Street Lamp.

Photo by Clemens Kois.


Patrick Parrish

With an immersive solo booth, Patrick Parrish brings ceramicist Cody Hoyt’s studio practice to life by recreating his workbench. Lined with both finished pieces as well as failed kiln projects, it offers a peek into the painstaking process behind his geometrically scored vessels.

Photo by Clemens Kois.


Friedman Benda

Young and old design come together in a refreshing way at Friedman Benda’s booth, where two designers, Wendell Castle, 81, and Misha Kahn, 25, are place side by side. Castle’s new carved wooden seats are oddly the perfect accompaniment to the wunderkind’s wild woven lamps and inflatable mirrors.

Photo by Clemens Kois.