Donna Karan’s Favorite Things

Carini Lang graffiti artisan rugs

This holiday season, Donna Karan has teamed up with Urban Zen to create a holiday marketplace at Stephan Weiss Studios in New York that will make you feel good about shopping. “The whole concept behind the marketplace is a soulful economy,” the fashion designer explained of the shopping destination, which will be filled with unique, artisanal gifts from around the world. “Each offering not only has a story behind it but a purpose that will make a difference in so many peoples’ lives.” Here, Karan shares the five things at the top of her holiday wish list.


Elizabeth Jordan light sculptures “Elizabeth is a young artist who created these amazing light fixtures out of scientific beakers [from the Long Island Jewish Hospital]. They’re absolutely amazing. She’s really made an impact in how the studio looks like right now. And, the proceeds go back to the hospital to help fight cancer.”


Carini Lang graffiti artisan rugs “They come in all different sizes, so it’s art to walk on, art to hang, art to live with.”


Artisan products from Bali and Haiti “The Balinese shipment just came in and I was completely overwhelmed by it. Sculptures, wooden bowls, furniture. And, of course, with all the work I’ve done in Haiti, it’s very close to my heart.”


Jewelry for a Cause’s Caliber Collection “This is jewelry made from recycled confiscated guns.”


The Playing Mantis toys “The sales of these wooden children’s toys benefit Philippines charities.