The Best Halloween Throwbacks from New York Fashion Designers

From memes to magical beings, New York designers throw it back for the holiday.

Adam Selman

Marc Jacobs Photo by @MarcJacobs.


Adam Selman “A young Pickle Surprise at a party in the Chelsea Hotel. NYC nights I’ll never forget.” Courtesy of the designer


Chris Benz Photo by @CMBenz.


Erin Fetherston

“Here was one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I seem to be some sort of butterfly/fairy hybrid complete with glitter wings, antennae, and a sparkling magic wand. I must confess, not much has changed. I’d happily repeat this look this year.” Courtesy of the designer


Carly Cushnie @CarlyCushnie.


Tanya Taylor “My mom hand sewed this costume for 2 weeks. I asked to be a cat, she upped the drama and made me a Broadway star in Cats.” Courtesy of the designer


Katie Gallagher “My favorite costume to date is the time I dressed as a Q-Tip, my sophomore year at RISD, for the Artist’s Ball. I wore an all white cat suit and made a gigantic hat out of cotton balls.” Courtesy of the designer