Fashion: A Timeline in Photos

Fashion Timeline Photographs

In “Fashion: A Timeline in Photographs, 1850 to Today” historian Caroline Rennolds Milbank puts everything from from Victorian gothic garb to ‘80s glam gear on display. The takeaway? If you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. Here, take a peek inside the new book from Rizzoli, which comes out October 27th.


Visiting dress trimmed with bands of brocaded ribbon; rings; gloves and sunshade; ornate hat with chin ties of tulle. Photo by C. Yuahckiu (Russia). 1896 (based on an award printed on the reverse.) Timeline Archive.


Dress of printed and solid silk with horizontal bands of opaque and sheer silk layered over the print, fastening with self-covered buttons; checkerboard-patterned silk purse; tricorn hat; photographed at the races, probably Longchamps. Photo by G. B. Odone (Genoa). Stamp: 2 Nov 1923. Timeline Archive.


Sporty sweater, skirt; wool stockings; cloche; worn for shooting. Unknown photographer. Date from album dated 1928. Timeline Archive.


Photographed against a row of Harlem brownstones, New York: (from left) dark suit, chubby silver fox jacket, long clutch purse and peep-toe shoes, saucer hat with ribbon trim; double-breasted suit, dark shirt with no necktie, top coat, fedora; dark coat with trapunto details at the hip, fur boa, ankle-strap shoes, toque with dotted veil. Unknown photographer. 1946 (based on another photo in its group dated June 1946). Timeline Archive.


Geoffrey Beene unisex pantsuits in jersey with tunics and cuffed pants, “G” and “B” buttons on the tunics. Press photo. Unknown photographer. Stamp: Daily News Jan-8 1969. Timeline Archive.


Lamé bustier and jacket worn with disco metallic stretch pants. Kodachrome slide. Photo by Joseph Santoro. Stamp: Jul 79. Timeline Archive.