Giovanna Battaglia Went to Africa–And Got Engaged

For W‘s glamorous globe-trotter, Giovanna Battaglia, it’s a fab, fab world. Tag along her recent adventure to Kenya.

Gio's Journal

“Franco Rubartelli took this iconic photo of Veruschka wearing an Yves Saint Laurent safari jacket in Africa in the ’60s [right]. As I own both the jacket and a print of the image, I just had to replicate the pose during my vacation in Kenya [left].”

Veruschka: courtesy of Franco Rubartelli. Battaglia: Courtesy of Battaglia.


“My boyfriend, Oscar, and I had time alone in Kenya before meeting up with our safari. This photo of us is extra special because it was taken the day after Oscar proposed to me. I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous start to our engagement!”

Courtesy of Battaglia.


“I visited a Masai village, where I managed to do quite a bit of shopping.”

Courtesy of Battaglia.


“One of the lodges we stayed in had an ancient tortoise you could ride. It was like the local version of Uber—only much slower.”

Courtesy of Battaglia.


“How fantastic is this lodge bedroom? It’s like Karen Blixen meets Marie Antoinette.”

Courtesy of Battaglia.


“These giraffes looked like they were doing calisthenics! They were even moving in sync, as if they’d been trained by Tracy Anderson.”

Courtesy of Battaglia.


“On our first night in camp, girls from the Samburu tribe greeted us and danced. I joined in, but they didn’t seem impressed with my skills.”