Point and Shoot

For W’s glamorous globe-trotter, Giovanna Battaglia, it’s a fab, fab world.

Gio's Journal

“I was in Venice, California [above], working with Michael Kors. The palm trees there reminded me of John Baldessari’s photograph from the ’70s in which a woman looks like she’s kissing a tree. I tried to re-create that scene but, instead, ended up with the tree growing out of my head like a giant topknot!” Courtesy of Giovanna Battaglia.


“While on set at a skate park in Venice, I spotted this amazing skateboard [above], covered in luxury fashion-and-car motifs—it actually makes logos look cool.”

Courtesy of Giovanna Battaglia.


“After work, the model Ming Xi and I got these futuristic sunglasses from a street vendor.”

Courtesy of Giovanna Battaglia.


“The artist Sheila Hicks had a show in New York at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. gallery that included colorful sculptures [above, left]. They would go nicely with some lightbulbs [above, right] I spotted at a store in the East Village.”

Hicks artwork: The Right of Entry, 2014–2015


“This Rob Pruitt tire-and-panda-erasers piece [above, left] at the de la Cruz Collection, in Miami, reminded me of a dress from the Chloé spring 2016 collection [above, right]. My favorite color right now is ‘rainbow’!”

Pruitt artwork: Panda Erasers (spectrum), 2002; Runway: Indigital.


“At the Christie’s and de Pury A Visual Odyssey auction, in London, this Gaetano Pesce lamp was one of the lots. It also doubles as the ultimate hat.”

Pesce artwork: An Important Floor Lamp, 1971.


“After a month of sitting through fashion shows, I needed to let off some steam. What better way than to go clay shooting in the English countryside? I was wearing a Saint Laurent sweater and bomber jacket, so I kept joking to everyone, ‘You know, this is a real fashion shoot.’ ”

Courtesy of Giovanna Battaglia.