Photos: Girls: Behind the Scenes

See what you can expect from the show’s third, and more mature, season.

Jemime Kirke and Jesse Peretz. Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.

“In ‘video village.’ Lena dressed as Hannah but at the monitor watching playback. The girl can multitask.”

Photo by Jessica Miglio / HBO.


“Jemima Kirke (Jessa) and Jesse Peretz. Jesse is our in-house director/producer. He’s family. So much so that in this scene we are actually shooting in HIS house.”

Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.


“Adam Driver looking at the camera. Adam has a very close relationship with our crew. Here our focus puller, Godfather (that’s really what we call him—when someone says Mike I have no idea who they are talking about), is showing him what the frame will be. Or maybe porn. You never know.”

Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.


“Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) with the camera and crew. She’s an amazing actress—and couldn’t be further from Shosh. But she puts on those clothes and transforms completely. Even her walk is totally different.”

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn / HBO.


“Allison Williams and Andrew Rannells (Elijah). We had a lot of fun filming at the beach this summer. This is actually not a scene, just the two of them spending time together. Probably show tunes were involved.”

Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.


“Lena directing. She is holding the sides (the script for that scene) and explaining what she wants. At the same time she is probably memorizing her lines and thinking about wardrobe. She’s a straight up Renaissance girl, and I learn so much from watching her do her thing.”

Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.


“Jesse filming with Adam and Lena on the stoop on India Street in Brooklyn! Greenpoint is our home away from home. Even the neighbors are nice to us.”

Photo by Jessica Miglio / HBO.


“Find me someone cuter than Allison Williams, I dare you.”

Photo by Mark Schafer / HBO.


“Tim Ives, our wonderful DP, made Lena a guide to camera lenses. Now she’s an old pro.”

Photo by Jessica Miglio / HBO.