Lip Servicing

Looking for a good lip balm? W staffers share their favorites.


It is super soft, very hydrating and pairs well with lipstick for a little color. ($22.50,


I got an entire case of them and they are scattered everywhere in my life I could possibly need one. It sinks into my lips, softens chapped flakes, and contains almost every type of oil under the sun. I don’t have to use my finger to apply it which I like, but it does happen to work wonders on cuticles, too. ($6;


It makes your lips feel instantly soft, and doesn’t dry them out like some lip balms tend to do… I also like the subtle, slightly herbal scent. ($13.95, []( xt_itemDetailNF.aspx?siteId=1&itemNum=LCS))


I nicked a tube of MAC Lip Conditioner from a photo shoot at Milk Studios, and am obsessed with it now. It’s so thick and luxurious and it smells delicious. ($15, []( index.tmpl))

(Plus, 100 percent of the sale price goes to the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps men, women, and children around the world affected by HIV and AIDS.)


This is amazing! Only need to use one time a day and you are good! I repaired my cracked lips one winter and I was hooked. ($38, [](– repair.htm))


It doesn’t just coat your lips with a funky petroleum based film which I find dries out my lips even more. And it has Calendula in it too soothe irritated skin! ($32,


My skin is terrible during the winter season and I’m pretty terrible about keeping up with it! I believe Khiel’s is something I can apply once or twice throughout the day and see the difference immediately. ($7,


It’s long-lasting and isn’t waxy. It would be perfect if it had any SPF… ($2.99, []( .html))


I’m an all-in Burts Bees girl because it can cure chapped lips in just a few uses, smells great and I can grab it from any drugstore. ($3, [](– lip-balm-tube.html))


Mullein & Sparrow lip balms are very smooth and light with a subtle smell of their respective herbs (I have an Orange and Spice Lip Tint and a Camphor & Mint Lip Balm). There are very few ingredients in each, almost all of which are certified organic. My lips feel better after just a few minutes with one of them on. ($15,