Photos: Haim Is Finally Here

The sisters discuss their long-awaited debut album


Days Are Gone will be available in full on September 30th


With their unshakable melodies and waist-skimming locks, Haim are bringing new meaning to the term hair band. “I don’t think I could ever have short hair.” Alana says. “Maybe like record seven when we have to do something crazy. We’ll all go bald.”

Photo: Bella Leiberberg


Being in a family band was inevitable, Alana says: “we were in band with my parents growing up, no joke, called Rockin’ Haim. Like no ‘g.’ It was Rockin’ Haim.”

Photo: Bella Leiberberg


“We hang out every day,” Alana said, “People get, like, freaked out when they don’t see the three of us together.”

Photo: Bella Howard